Grappling hook for platform behaviour (no swing)

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  • Hey guys,

    I just saw a post here earlier about grappling hooks. His worked cool, but it used physics and I want to make one using only the platform behaviour. But, I don't know how to make it so that the player accelerates towards the point of the hook.

    I tried alternating with bullet behaviour, but then there are issues when you disengage the hook, as the vectors for the platform are still 0. Essentially, I want to fake physics with platform vectors, with acceleration while using the grappling hook. I got it almost working once, but when I tried to apply acceleration it didn't work. I then tried Any help would be fantastic!

  • Would have loved to give it a try, but alas, I dont use the moveto plugin from rex.

  • I took the liberty to grab victoryx's capx and change some elements, so the grapling didnt need the physics anymore :)



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  • lennaert - Thanks for your efforts, but it's still not quite what I'm after. I want it to *only* use platform behaviour (not bullet or physics) and have a trajectory after you disengage the rope instead of just falling straight down.

    I wasn't aware it had the moveTo behaviour sorry! I will try to upload a fixed version later. But I do recommend you get that plugin, it's the most staple plugin of all I would say ;)

  • Haha :D its a challenge then ! platform only, including a trajectory after disaengage :P

    But isnt the bullet a standard behaviour always included in construct 2 ?

    I didnt use the bullet from physics.

    I try to avoid plugins at all cost, most widest compatibility ... in fact .. i have 1 plugin installed ... that textbox slider thing ... but been looking how to get it out lol

    Everything I make is with default construct 2 stuff, enabling it to be ported to all platforms able :)

  • lennaert - Yeah bullet is standard, but I want to avoid the need to switch movement behaviours. I made a game recently that did that and the problems just kept climbing and coming out of nowhere as the game progressed.

    Ah moveTo is fine, I have tested it out on all sorts of platforms and never an issue. And it just makes life soooo much easier! Particularly with moving menus around.

    Anyway, I'll keep at my problem :) I'll get there eventually.

  • Tobye Did you ever figure out a way to get a player swinging? i have been at it for a while now and cant seem to get it right, i was trying to make a simple rope swing game, any help you oculd give would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

  • SHG I know there used to be a tutorial on youtube about making a rope swing behavior in C2...

  • SHG No sorry, I never ended up getting it to work 100%.

  • hey I've been messing around with it a little. i an image point set to the end of a whip during an animation frame. the image point on the animation creates a sprite with the pin behavior (rope style). the player also has the same pin behavior that attaches it to the sprite. I used this setup to swing. its wonky but I'm getting there.

    i plan on using the joystick on a game pad to change the direction in vectors to mimic the swing. when the player is at the point of release, I'm going to use button released on the gamepad to unpin everything. I'm still experimenting but I'll let you know how it goes if your still interested..

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