Graphics issues when exporting.

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  • In the construct 2 editor all the sprites looks sharp and clean but then when I exported the project in nw.js some random (seemingly no pattern with all sprites affected) sprites are blurry. I tried exporting the project with png compression none, standard and brute but all still have blurry sprites.

    The exported settings were high dpi = on, sampling = linear and downscaling = medium.

    The blurry sprites almost look as if they were rendered with point sampling. In the game you can zoom from 2x to 0.5x scale, when at 2x zoom the previously blurry sprites look normal and as if rendered in linear sampling but further out it returns to being blurry.

    Does anybody know what's happening and how to solve it?

  • Have you tried enabling pixel rounding in the project properties?

    Pixel rounding always forces the draw position to be rounded to an integer which should fix the problem.

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  • I tried with pixel rounding it on and off but to no success.

  • currypuff That's is strange... maybe can be a NW.js issue, try it posting in the "bugs" section for advanced support

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