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  • i have looked and tried finding out how do I?

    first I made a breakout level (great tutorial) but would like to build on it, I have made a second layer with the blocks how I want them but how do I load the second layer once the first is beat?

    thanks for any help and I really hope its something easy.

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  • Layer or layout?

    For second layout it would be as simple as

    system go to layout

    For a layer it could be more difficult, because you'd have to make sure the events for that layer aren't active when the other layers are and only set them to active at the right time. This would probably mean working with groups and/or is layer visible conditions.

  • im guessing I mean layout, I have level 1 that's loads but cant workout once all the bricks are gone now to make it goto layout 2

    thanks for replying this is starting to drive me nuts.

  • Hi zipman,

    You need to detect when is the time to go to the next level - you can do it e.g. picking all instances of bricks, and checking if count of picked objects equals zero.

    (But you might have already resolved this, so onto your main question).

    Once you want to go to another layout, in the event sheet add an action system-> goto layout , or (which I would choose) system -> goto layout (by name) - as you can simply name your levels/layouts "L1", "L2" etc, and then just jump from one to another, by using a global variable that keeps track of which level you are currently on.

    Hope it helps,


  • yes that helped a heap thanks I can clear the blocks then go to the next level but now it will not go on to level what is the global variable thing I`d need to set, think im reading way to much way to fast..

    thanks all for for help in this.

  • http: //

    this is how I have it now. please remove the space http://

  • You need to know what conditions should be true before going to the next level.

    I would choose to create a "next"-button when those conditions are true and on "next"-button clicked/touched goto next layout.

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