How do I use google sign in.

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  • Hello all, so I started working on a project and I have hit a little snag. I have my touch event set to tap on tap gesture sprite - google play sign in. When I launch a preview on my laptop and I have the mouse simulating a touch event it does try to call the google play sign in but errors out as it is not a mobile device. So I was happy it did try to make the outbound request.

    Went in to Intel XDK made a new project with cordova and I also made sure the core inapp browser was add in. But when I export it to my phone and tap the sprite nothing happens.

    I found this website which said the following - " Tina, I managed to figure out what is going on (or at least I think I know what is going on). I was able to get a successful build. There's a conflict between the Facebook plugin and the Google Play Games Services plugin in the featured plugins list. That Google Play Games Services plugin is now obsolete and should no longer be used. The build system has been upgraded so that this plugin is no longer needed. It will disappear from the list of featured plugins in the next release. Paul"

    Link to website here. ... nt-1851012

    So my question is there a updated export with Cordova which shows us how to use the google sign in feature?

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  • Any help would be greatly appericated, Does the Google play services still work with Construct 2 - Or do I have to use CocoonIO?

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