Google Play services login issue - Cranberry game plugin

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  • I'm having issue with implementing Google Play serivces to my game for leaderboards, my app is not connecting to Google play services properly so the leaderboards aren't working.

    I'm using Cranberry Cordova Game Plugin, i've set up everything in the events and in Intel XDK (installing the plugin & change the code) and I've uploaded it to beta in Google Play. When testing it, the app only seems to connect to play services when it feels like it, it'll connect a couple of times each time when starting the app and after that it won't connect again.

    I've also got a leaderboard button and have it so that it logins in the player if they aren't logged in and if they are logged in, it opens the leaderboard. This button works if i'm logged in, it opens the leaderboard with no issue. However this button doesn't work completely to login the user if i choose not to login at the beginning.

    Here's how I've done my events -

    SPLASH SCREEN LAYOUT (before main menu layout)

    End of layout - Cordova Game Login


    On Touched Button - Cordova Game Login

    - Cordova Game is Logged in - Show Leaderboard

    I hope i've made this clear, apologies if it's not. I'd appriciate help on this as its becoming really frustrating trying to get this to work.

  • I'm not even able to build my app using Intel XDK

  • Did you solved it? I did

  • lolva do you add the plugin manually in XDK ?

  • Iolva No unfortunately, i haven't solved it. Could you tell me how you did it please?

  • tamixx


    I'm going to make a tutorial but I'm going to wait until CLI 5.4.1 and Crosswalk 16 are available (maybe just 1 month)!

  • Iolva Any luck with a tutorial for Google Play? I'm curious to see if your method works for me as i've been trying to get it to work without much success.

  • any luck solving this problem yet !!!!

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  • miketolsa No i haven't solved it yet unfortunately.

  • I can make a video on how i add play games in my app if you wan't but i use cordova CLI

  • tamixx If you can do it then I'd appriciate that, i use cordova CLI too so it would help a lot. I've been trying to get this to work for a long time.

  • tomhaiger i will record it tommorow

  • tamixx Any luck with the video?

  • tomhaiger sorry my sister is very sick she is at hospital so i be late i will record the video but sorry for the waiting time

  • tamixx No need for apologies, it's fine. There's no rush so don't worry about it, i'm sure you have more important priorities right now.

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