How do I get google play to login in my game?

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  • Hi.

    I have just uploadet my first game to google play (android), I just got a problem.

    When my game app begin, I wanna have my app to ask about the standard google play permission to the player. How do I do that?

    I have also 5 achivements that doesnt work, and I think it because my app doesnt ask for permission.


  • I just read a lot on the internet about that the Google Play plugin in Construct 2 doesnt work because the Client Secret key doesn't show anywhere.

    I've been recommanded to download the cranberry plugins from

    Are this the only way to get it to work? And I'm be told that these plugins is free, but I can not get it to download.

  • cranberry plugins are not free, it cost only 5$ for the 98 plugins

  • Thanks. But is it really the only way to get it to work? I think Scirra maybe allready have some cool functions to get it to work.

    I'm ready to buy the Cranberry plugins. The only thing I need is a sign in and achivements unlocker.

  • Now I have set it all up with the cranberry plugin, but it still doesnt work. Can someone please help?

    I use IntelXDK.

  • I have also added the simple "exit" plugin in the game, but that also don´t work. I think something is going wrong when it is in IntelXDK.

    I have followed this instructions:

    1. You need to add the cranberry game plugin to construct2

    2. Then add the plugin to your project and configure login etc.

    3. Export to intel XDK

    4. Ad your Google ID to intelxdk.config.additions

    5. Enable the "Phonegap +Admob* Plugin" in Cordova settings of your project in IntelXDK (it is supposed to be activated right away but that is not working for me so I always enable that)

    6. Set export option to "not signed"

    7. Export via Android/Crosswalk

    8. Sign your APK with your Key

    9. Run app on a device

    10. Get a cocktail to celebrate awesomeness

    Number 6 I just set it to "signed" because I don´t know how I do number 8...

  • Anyone please?

  • Did you ever get this figured out? I'm in a similar boat except I followed: What error did you hit?

    I got:

    Error: Plugin Google Play Services for Android failed to install.

    Error: Plugin Cordova Game plugin failed to install.

    When I tried to build from intel xdk

  • try this i am planing to try it out myself ... nstruct-2/

  • I've come up with a very easy solution to this, even wrote a tutorial about it: ... in-cordova

  • Thanks condolent! I forgot to mention but it was your tutorial I followed but it seemed to work for everyone else so I'm guessing I messed up somewhere.

    At first I thought it was because I originally tried to use the built in c2 plugin and had them both integrated but even after removing it I'm still failing to build.

    Now that I look, I have 2 plugins for "Google Play Services for Android" one is a dependency for Admob, which works. The other is a dependency for the Cordova Game Plugin, which fails. Could this be the conflict? (And would that mean I have to find a new plugin for admob? :/)

  • I'm going to try removing the one for admob and seeing if that does anything. I'll report back.

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  • well removing admob at least let it build; checking to see if everything else is working but it seems it's possible to create conflicts if you have multiple plugins that depend on a google play services plugin of some sort. I'm not anywhere near knowledgeable on the subject but I'll keep working at it and report back if it's helpful for others.

    I'd be surprised if no one else ran into this issue somehow... I think cranberry has an admob plugin so I'll try that in tandem with his google play services plugin.

  • i try to build on my new app two day straight with no luck keep getting FAIL take too long to compile kmt.

    on stupid intel xdk spilt out a Hugh 25 mb .apk file give me last night <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad"> but i had no other option so i upload it anyway you can donwload it on google play store

    Spelling Fast Brain ... rain&hl=en

  • Okay guys, I think I got everything working (besides a freeze after viewing achievements... separate problem I guess)

    I'm using cranberry's admob plugin and cordova game plugin and followed condolent's (very helpful) guide

    Upon installing the plugins I ended up with problems due to both the admob plugin and the game plugin trying to use a google play services plugin. You end up with 2, and then 1 of them fails. HOWEVER, both Admob and Google Play worked in the end if I removed the Google Play services plugin that was a dependency for Admob.

    In the end all my plugins looked like:

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