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  • Hi all.

    In my developers console at google play store i am seeing this message

    [attachment=0:1cxdu199]google play error.jpg[/attachment:1cxdu199]

    Details of the allert:

    Your app is statically linking against a version of OpenSSL that has multiple security vulnerabilities. You should update OpenSSL as soon as possible.

    The vulnerabilities were addressed in OpenSSL versions beginning with 1.0.1h, 1.0.0m, and 0.9.8za. To confirm your OpenSSL version, you can do a grep via ("$ unzip -p YourApp.apk | strings | grep "OpenSSL""). For more information about the vulnerability, please consult

    To confirm that you've upgraded correctly, upload the updated version to the Developer Console and check back after five hours.

    Please note, while it's unclear whether these specific issues affect your application, applications with vulnerabilities that expose users to risk of compromise may be considered "dangerous products" and subject to removal from Google Play.

    What does this mean, and how "please guide" do i solve this.

    Kind Regards


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  • It lies you could fix? I have the same problem ...

  • Update your app with the beta crosswalk instead of stable to fix.

    how to

    in XDK build setting there is a option under crosswalk for android that ask for Crosswalk version just type beta. Then rebuild app.

  • volkiller730

    Version 10 is the last one right? If you type beta it will always get the last beta version?Or is it better to type 10 directly?

  • yeah it it. I just type beta and it get the must current beta out for the XDK

  • Great news volkiller730

    going to check it out.

  • thanks but still gives me the same error, you could paste a screenshot, and excuse my ignorance!

  • thanks but still gives me the same error, you could paste a screenshot, and excuse my ignorance!

    Build settings > android-crosswalk and then search for crosswalk version field and type "10" or "Beta"


  • Thank You !!!!! even so I was still giving the error, but try the option Upload project NO: USE EXISTING Thanks again ...................

  • It takes a couple of hours for the warning to go away

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