How do I USE google map??

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  • Hello

    something has changed with the google rules.

    Its seems impossible to use google map anymore inside an iframe.

    Google map API are not free, when you have more than 2500 download /day of your generated map with API key, you have to pay....

    My question is:

    in my VERY BASIC APP for android

    i need to add google map, where the user see his location, updated every 1min.

    i need also to show the place where he has to go.

    can someone HELP????

    the basic geolocalisation sample inside construct 2 don't help at all.

  • I made this app

    Wat is open?

    using the Open Streetmap plugin from the plugin section..

    It doesn't use google maps, but is an interactive map updated every minute to show which bars/pubs are open in the area I live..

    So what you are trying to achieve is entirely possible, but maybe not as easy as one might think..

    There is also a google map plugin I think, which might work for you, although I haven't worked with it, so I can't be sure..

  • hey your example is perfect for my needs how to achive hat???

  • hey your example is perfect for my needs how to achive hat???

    I worked on it for a few months..

    To achieve it, add the plugin I talked about to your project..

    Create the markers on the spots you would like..

    Add Date/Time plugin and base the colour of the markers on it..

    Add an "on marker touched" to open the corresponding information..

    It's all pretty basic once you've got the hang on it..

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  • well i don't have that plugin in construct 2, i just registered a new account on

    but now??

  • Go to the plugin section of this forum and download the appropriate plugin..

    Fool around with it a bit untill you understand how to make it do the things you want..

    Create your app..

  • i cant find the plugin, im completly lost, tried a lot of stuf created my own google map ... sp=sharing

    but how to add that to my app

  • Search

  • i did this:

    i created my own icons and then added that on the map, it works, but HOW to show the user realtime path who go to the first point "icon" at the right side?

    thanks for your help

  • now the only thing i need to achieve this is to add my position in realtime

  • Get the geolocation and create a marker at that spot on geolocation get..

  • Sorry what???

    you said " create a marker at that spot on geolocation get.."

    how to do that in my geolocalisation i just have 3 function:

    requets location

    watch location

    stop watching

  • something like this should work:

    On location update

    create marker at latitude = geolocation.latitude longtitude = geolocation.longtitude

  • so i did this

    but when i do a preview, i get this message:

  • you should use str(geolocation.latitude) and str(geolocation.longtitude)

    The creator of the plugin did some strange stuff using strings where numbers should be used..

    Changing it to the above should work..

    you might even have to change it to ""&geolocation.longtitude

    I'm not sure, it was some time ago..

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