Google dev. fee to publish a game ?

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  • I'm quite confused on this. Anyone knows if it is really mandatory to pay the google developement fee of $25 to publish a game in google play ? only if it is a paid game ? and to publish in apple store ?

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  • yes, it is mandatory

    for publishing to itunes, it is much more expensive. You will need a mac + a yearly subscription (I think it is at about 90$, but I'm not sure, as I don't use them)

  • Yes Ubivis!

    Single yearly subscription costs 99$

    Google Play's fee is really cheap.

  • great, thanks. I see apple is still charging a premium , but this another point in favor of having more android devices ! thanks for the answers. I'm really beginning in this world and the support I see from here is excellent!

  • just for completeness, if you plan to publish on windows phone. Microsoft also charges a yearly fee, which is by far cheaper than the one from apple.

    For Google it is just a one time fee, and you can publish as many games you like using that account.

    One thing to keep in mind: The fee is just the allowness to publish apps on their platform. In addition to these fees, they also take a percentage for each single sell (app or IAP).

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