Good tower defense game possible with CS2?

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  • Hi guys,

    Has anybody had any luck on creating something like the 'bloons' tower defense game? I tried making one a few months ago but it was wayyyyyyyy to laggy, I have done loads in construct since then and construct is also tons of versions higher so was tempted to try it again, however didn't want to put loads of hours into it again if it wasnt really possible due to all the sprites and behaviours (like turret, path finder) etc needed.

    However if people are confident it can be done and have done anything similar, I would like to attempt it again after I finish my current project.



  • For mobiles?

    It should run fine, you just have to optimize and test during development.

  • The best optimization is to only calculate the path once. You could even just use invisible sprites to make the path. The idea is to have the enemy check for an overlap with those sprites and set the angle of motion to be the same as that Sprite.

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  • Sorry for the late reply, been away for a while.

    Thanks for the replies, will be starting this up again next week so will keep it in mind.

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