Good to switch or restart layouts?

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  • In regards to avoiding hangups and crashes, would it be beneficial to restart/reset or change layouts?

    Some features I'm about to incorporate I can use a hidden layer or use a whole new layout. It just popped into my mind about repetitive scripts (causing a browser warning) and the warning about a script causing slowdown—not to mention crashes and such. Makes me wonder if changing layouts is similar to navigating to a new page decreasing those chances.

    Not sure if that makes sense but thought I would put it out there.

  • I think it would "drain" the same amount of resources for restart and change (as you have to load again a layout) I have not used very much reset and definitely not enough to form an educated guess, but maybe Tom and Ashley can help you...

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  • The hidden layer assets will still be loaded into memory, depends what your memory usage is. It's not a good idea to load everything you need for the entire game into one layout though.

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