Good smooth knockback + other physics movements with Platformer Movement

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  • It's been a while since I've posted here, but I've been meaning to get back into making stuff. One thing that's always bugged me about Construct while making games is how seemingly rigid the platform movement is. That's not to say it's horribly buggy or anything, but trying to do more advanced movements while making it feel smooth feels near impossible. Namely, knockback and other general physics forces.

    It's not too difficult to fake, just change acceleration and whatnot to make it appear smooth, but its incredibly limiting knowing that any acceleration will affect the player's own inputs. Take for example wind being blown in one direction. In the case of C2's platformer movement, if you wanted to make it feel more natural, you'd end up making the character feel like they're on ice no matter what direction they're pushing. If the player has Mega Man-like tight controls, walking into the wind would make them slide around even when walking into it.

    Is there any way, hacky or not, I could keep an object's walking acceleration to be instantaneous while being able to be affected by physics forces pushing it in a direction in one way or another?

  • All this is possible by manipulating vectors X/Y, but it's not an easy task and will require a lot of experimenting. Here is a quick and dirty demo with the wind blowing to the left:

    Sorry, it's for Construct 3, but you should be able to open it in the free version of C3.

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  • Wow, thanks! Wasn't expecting such a good example file. Cheers!

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