How to make good graphics.

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  • Im not an artist either a painter, I'm just a C2 Lover, Who wnat to make great games. I have lot of ideas, but no single graphic. Are there any program that i can draw sprites easily? or anything at all. Thx

  • Google!

    'Royalty free' is a key term if you plan to use the game commercially.

    'Public Domain' is a fancier term for the above.

    "Royalty Free sprite sheets" came up with a lot of results.. beggers cannot be choosers so you won't find AGrade 3d models etc.

    You could even BUY resources! :)

    Deviant art- a lot of spriters (not sure what the right name is) on there who sell their work for commercial use..

    But then in theory, if you never plan to show anyone... and it's product which you are testing things on... you *could* just rip some art and use it. BUT you can't claim it's yours or legally use it commercially :-)

  • "draw sprites easily"

    You might look at GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

    Its very powerful. Not quite as good as Photoshop but it can do many of the same things and its free!

  • There's absolutely nothing that will magically make good graphics for you.

    Sorry but you'll have to find yourself a talented artist to make anything sellable.

  • I have come to love this site:


    Most of his tutorials use Inkscape which is a free tool.

    But as the others say. it wont come easy <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • thanks for you all, and special thanks to The Program was amazing

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