Is there a good effect for a lamp?

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  • Is there a good effect for a lamp, like some sort of glow or something?

  • I would probably just pin a "glowing" sprite to the lamp - or do you mean more along the lines of the lighting demo that comes with C2 ?

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  • It depends on what exactly you want.

    You can use lights and the shadow caster behavoir.

    Or some fake light. The level has a black layer over it and a sprite makes some of it transparent.

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    Or really just some sprite like RamPackWobble has posted.

    The last one is up to your graphics skill and/or aesthetic choice. ^^

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  • Yea I made a glowing sprite but what I mean is, I wanted to make a lamp to have something unique. I wanted to know if there are some good effects that can make my glowing sprite even better. It's hard to explain sry

    But thank you guys for the examples, even if every of them is already in my game I'll probably just try to improve my glowing sprite in Photoshop

  • You could try the "glow vertical" and "glow horizontal" effects.

  • Make a white dot on an alpha masked texture, set the blend mode from Normal to Additive. Works with other color dots too. Can also use the Dodge effect but that does not work on non-web GL platforms. make sure the sprite is over a multi color object or it might disappear from the layout.

    For shadows , you can use Burn or Multiply web GL effects.

  • I can't open the capx by RamPackWobble right now (on r214 here) so I don't know if this was already suggested, but one thing you could do to give it a nice little extra is to adjust the glow sprite size/opacity by either events, animation frames or giving it sine behaviors (maybe even mix of them). So it'd vary from full size to 85 percent, from opacity 15 to 10 etc.. depending on the look/lamp type and strength you're going for.

  • Why not update it mate?

    https:/ /

  • I will eventually, but I just updated to r214 like 4 days ago and I have some urgent work to do for today, so that will have to wait for now:)

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