How do I make a good "breaking" effect related to object momentum ?

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  • Hi people, I'm tweaking tons of stuff on a little student project using C2 and the default physic behavior (good ol box 2d). Said project is in terminal phase (I mean, it's not dying, most of the work is done). Momemtum of objects is the central point of the whole thing.

    Is the tutorial I've used. When X object is breaking due to momentum, I change its animation to "broken" and spawn some particles to fake broken pieces flying from damaged object. I "simply" would like to know how to set the properties of said particles according to object momemtum and global physic (angle, speed...) so they appear as smooth and realistic as possible.

    Right now it seems rather cheap and crooked. I'm too autistic with actual physic to know what to set according to what, and the value of the random properties. So everytime I try, it looks like blin.

    TD;LR - I have too much chromosomes to properly grasp the concepts implied on the physic/maths part of the problem than I have regarding C2 itself. Plz send halp, and thank you for reading

  • Here is the expression for the angle/direction of momentum:

    angle(0, 0, Sprite.Physics.VelocityX, Sprite.Physics.VelocityY)

    So you can simply make particles with a narrow spray cone, and set the angle of particles object to that expression.

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  • Is nice, thank you dop2000, my end result is not as goofy as before now !

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