How do I Make Good Artwork and Sprites?

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  • Hello Everybody, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how those other game developers make such professional artwork while I'm stuck here making pixel art but instead just would like to know about any specific steps I should take or softwares to download and use.

    P.S. I am a pretty bad artist and real life so if your answer is to draw by hand, scan it into my computer, and to add touch ups with GIMP or Photoshop, don't bother posting I've tried and failed


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  • Practice, Practice, Practice... also there are about 20bajillion tutorials online. The more you use the tools the better you will get. A good starting point is the 2D art for Game Programmers blog:

  • Well, making good sprites isn't something you can just "do". It does take a lot of work (I'm not that good at it ), but it also takes practice.

    I don't really know what kind of art you're hoping to do (pixel, realistic, cartoon, a combination of several of those, etc.), but each kind is different. In any case, art takes a long time.

    My best recommendation is to look up lots of references of what you want to draw- all different types of references, too. The best example I can give you is the process I used to make a fairly realistic wolf sprite over the past few months. Over the course of making it, I looked at tons of pictures, drawings, runcycle animations, etc. Finally I ended up with a base I was proud of.

    It also takes a lot of practice, like I said. Don't get discouraged if you can't make something you like right away. I go through "spurts" of inspiration, as well as dry times when nothing seems to look right.

    Most important of all, don't give up! You're still young, and sometimes skills like computer drawing take time to develop. My computer art when I was twelve looked like BLAAA! Now it's gotten a lot better because I kept trying and practicing (I'm still a teen, by the way, so I'm not that much older than you ). So keep trying!

    Other advice:

    Check the tutorials- there are a few on drawing.

    Also look up Lostgarden- the person who owns the site made an AMAZING tileset that they're letting anyone use so long as they give credit if they use it. It's professionally done, too!

  • Lately a lot of studios that do assets for their games use Vector based software. I used to use Inkscape but have been using Microsoft Expression Design. If you scanned your drawing in and it has clean lines Inkscape and Microsoft Expression Design have a option to vectorize it. For animation you can use Anime Studio.

    But it goes by what style your looking to create also. One project that I am still laying out the design doc for I wanted more of the painted look so am using Krita for making the content and Anime Studio for the animation. For anime studio the best way is to split the drawing up for bone animation.

    This is one of my test animation. The boning has to be fixed in certain areas but I like Anime Studio. I was testing the best approach so I used gimp to split the image up. I drew the arms seperately separated the legs from the body etc.

    But everything comes with continuous practice

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