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  • Hi all,

    I'm still learning alot every single day about Construct 2.

    And i love it!

    But yet i've didn't learn a thing about animations.

    I tried to use some animations programs but that just pumps up the game to 90mb+ for a simple animation.

    I need some clearence about simple movements etc. to get my game more alive.

    All i got now are steady objects that don't move.

    What i am trying to explain is that i want to give my game more alive with sounds and animations ( sounds is no problem ).

    Some simple effect examples:

    The 3 stars at completing a level

    Switching between layouts

    Fade in Fade out

    That kind of stuff. What is the best way to realize some simple effects like those.

    Thanks in advance.

  • For the three stars you could probably just use three instances of the same star.

    for the fade in fade out it's probably the easiest to use a very small tiled background stretched out over the layout and change it's opacity over time.

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  • There is a fade behaviour that you can add to an object to control settings for fade in/out

  • How many frames does your animations have? In filmmaking it should be about 25 in construct i always use 5 which is absolutely enough. Maybe this causes your game to get that big!

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