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  • i may just be dumb, but i need to make my gold system work wait until the play button is pressed in order to start building up gold. I have it to where every second 3 gold is added , and i need it to wait till the mode is selected. Right now i have it to where

    If easy button clicked- set gold(0)

    Every 1 second- add 3 gold

    but once i click the easy button ill start the game with 15 or however long it took me to hit the play button in amount of gold

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  • You need another variable, such as a global variable boolean (true/false). By default the bool would be set to false. Then when you click the button you set it to true. Under the gold every 3 seconds condition, you add 'if bool = true'. This means it will only start adding gold when the button is clicked, right now it does it all the time.

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