How do I go to next layout smoothly..?

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  • My problem is that after some basic checks which are all true, it still does not go to the next layout (right away). This has been my problem for months now and I just can't get my head around it.

    One workaround I gave my users is to keep refreshing till it gets cached by the browser and goes to the next layout. It works for at least 2-3 refreshes but sometimes some users are still stuck after several refreshes.

    Is this because of the file size? Currently its only 27.1 mb once exported.

    I hope someone can tell my why this happens or provide a much more smooth sequence.

    See below screenshot for my basic checks:

    To summarize, it gets the current URL+folder then compares to the latest URL+folder if its equal or not before redirecting or go to next layout

    You can try my website here to check if it loads on your side right away:

    Thank you in advance!

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  • You need to add debug messages to all events. You will be able to see which events are firing and when, monitor variable values etc.

    Simply add Browser Log to critical events, then run the game, open browser console (F12) and check the logs.

    For example, add this to all AJAX On Completed:

    Browser Log "Tag: " & AJAX.Tag & ", Data: " & AJAX.LastData

    Create AJAX On Error event and also add:

    Browser Log AJAX.Tag & " FAILED!"

    Add this to the beginning of the function:

    Browser Log Browser.URL ", " & URL_GameVersion


    You will find the problem in no time.

  • Thank you so much as always dop2000! All this information are helpful for me right now and for the future!

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