How do I go to next layout?

  • I tried ( but when it goes to the next room, nothing happens. It stops everything (bullet behaviors, turret behaviors).

    Anyone know another way?

    Thanks in advance

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  • There is a function in the System Object that says "Go To Layout". It asks for which Layout you want to go to.

    Also, you should check if your behaviours are set on each instance in your other layout, this is done automatically but it cant hurt to check.

    Can you upload a .capx file so we could look at the problem first-hand? It would also be useful if you put a little more description into your request and let us know which version of Construct 2 you are using.

    You can upload to places like DropBox (a C2 favorite :D) Google drive or SkyDrive, then post the link here :)

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