How do I Make it Go to a Layout I Specify, But Does Not?

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  • In event sheet 3 of a game I'm working on to learn C2, if a player loses 3 lives, and game is over, and so I set up event sheet #3 (at end of it) to go back to Layout 3, but it ALWAYS goes back to the menu layout, #2 when I play it. Here's link to my file in Dropbox: ... kout2.capx

    It only goes to #3 if I change it in event sheet #1. Why is this doing this, and how can I fix it? Is it because a global variable created in a prior event sheet cannot be over-ridden by a global variable created in a subsequent event sheet? Trying not just to fix this problem but understand what's going on.

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  • For starters, your layout 3 is linked to he wrong event sheet. Connect to event sheet 3. And on event sheet 3, I'd use restart layout instead of using go to layout that's the same layout. And reset the values of global variables on start of layout with manual entries .

  • TheDom, am not sure where you could see this. I copied most of items in event sheet 1 and created a blank event sheet 3 from layout 3 and then pasted in what I copied from event sheet 1. Or put differently, how do I link layout 3 to the correct event sheet, to event sheet 3?

  • As you select each layout, look at the properties dialog and the Event Sheet setting. You have layouts 1 & 3 using Event sheet 1. Set layout 3 to Event sheet 3.

  • TheDom, thank you very, very much, am so grateful. That worked, except I had to do one more thing: select the correct layout number on the right side under Layout folder, and then change what was in the property box on left. If I did not do this, the number I put on left side reverted to to whatever layout was selected on right side.

    One last thing - I did as you suggested, restart layout, but where is the selection for resetting the values of global variables on start of layout with manual entries? Can't see it under System selections.

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