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  • Hey guys iv been working on this small game and when I export it as a HTML5 website and click a button that is suppose to take me to another layout (using the go to layout function) it doesn't work. When I use the run layout button in the top left everything works fine and all of the buttons take me to the right place but as I said it doesn't do this as a HTML5 document?

    If you know how to fix this then it would be appreciated or if you know another way that I could go between layouts then that would be appreciated too, thanks.

  • Okay, turns out that this only happens when using chrome and gives me a white screen when I select the button while on both other web browsers i've checked (mozilla and ie) it works and redirects me fine. Does anyone know why this is?

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  • I've never experienced this. I use Chrome for 99% of my testing (I know, that's probably not a good idea), and this hasn't come up for me before.

    So it could mean your Chrome is out-of-date, or there's some weird bug/incompatibility in your game, or there's an actual bug in C2 or Chrome.

    Could you post your capx, or attempt to replicate the issue with a simplified example?

  • Can you share your .capx and a link to the exported version too so we can see for ourselves?

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