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  • Is there any way I could call a layout through Javascript?

    First off, I am aware of the Call Javascript plugin. I currently use Pode's HTML pack (the div one) and import CSS plugins to have an HTML calendar render on my layout within Construct. What I wanted to achieve was, on clicking a day of the calendar, the action would take you to a layout. How do I achieve this?

    I know I will probably have to use the Call JS plugin (or do the Javascript right into the HTML), and all I want to do is attach each calendar cell to a function that calls a layout on click. Again, I can't do this with events since the calendar is in HTML, or can I?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • One straightforward way of doing it would be to make your own plugin in the Javascript SDK. Then on some JS function you can fire a trigger in the event engine, and in your project events, on that trigger go to a layout.

  • Thank you, Ashley! I am still a novice with JS (and programming in general), but it surely makes sense now. That plugin will be my first real JS project goal. I am definitely inspired now.

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