How do I go about creating entries based on a users selection of an item list?

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  • I'm trying to build an app in which users can select from the options on a drop down and get placed on a new layout, showing their entries (User Specific). I have the dropdown text boxs working with some conditional logic. However I am unsure how to string the selections into an entry that prints out text onto another layout. Eventually I'll want to be able to have an admin edit the entry if needed or delete, but for now just getting this far is enough as I'm familiar with local storage or (more than likely) serverside scripting with a DB.

    Anyhelp is much appreciated, thank you.

  • Whenever you select something from the list, list.selectedtext is the item selected which you can then set to a variable, is that enough to do what you want?

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  • Yes, that works, and makes sense. Thank you very much! Now I'm on the right track... I just need to figure out how to connect up to an existing mysql database which seems to be a daunting task.

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