Global variable value changing randomly

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  • [attachment=0:2wi7savr][/attachment:2wi7savr]Using the tutorial from the following URL , created the game Ghost shooter.The game just came fine when i developed with whatever was mentioned in the tutorial.Now, tried to enhance it by adding a sprite called ring.

    What i intended to do it was as soon as the Global value score reaches 11 then the ring surrounds the player and monsters die out automatically when they hit the ring. As i expected the ring surrounded the player as soon as he/she reached 11 but when a monster hits the ring the score should be incremented to 12 but rather it gets incremented to a random number.Am a newbie to this construct 2 and i hope someone can assist me on this.Thanks in advance.I also attach the .capx of the game for your reference.

  • I have redone it a bit

    You should take the mousebuttons as fireoption aswell !

  • [Event 9] Score > 10: Create Ring

    That's going to create a Ring every tick as long as the score > 10 so it will create hundreds of them. Then the monster collides with all the rings and you get hundreds of points. You can add the 'System: Trigger Once' condition that event so that it only runs once when score > 10.

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  • Ramones : Thank you very Much !!!! Just tried what you said and it worked just fine

    yonda : Thank you so much for your response...

    Its great to see people helping each other !!!!

  • ramones : Thank you very Much !!!! Just tried what you said and it worked just fine

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