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  • Hi,

    I just got into making games with Construct 2 Yesterday. And I'm about to create a game that has multiply levels, Profile layout, etc etc

    And I would like to show the health and the scour of the player on each layout. ( Levels, Shop, Profile ) I tired to set it to global, it works sometimes. But sometimes it just doesn't appears.

    I also set that every tick the text is set to the global variables : scour and health

    Is there a proper way to do it or can anyone help me solve this problem?

  • Check out the FAQ ... Frequently asked questions ...

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  • There's nothing about this, i just checked the tutorial and FAQ as well, before I posted.

  • As long as you're saving all the necessary data to something with a global scope (like a global variable, or an array), you should have no problem using that data across different layouts. I'd double check to make sure there aren't other factors affecting the information being displayed.

    If you're still having problems, post your capx.

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