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  • So I was just about to open a bug then I stumbled onto my issue. I just purchased C2 and was cleaning up my free project, adding layers, properly assigning objects to layers etc.. As I clicked through each object I noticed that some of the objects did list in the Layers DD, any of the layers I created.

    After digging I found that layers are per Layout, is there a way to make layers Global? basically I am probably going slightly overboard and creating too many layers, but I am very organized in my coding, anyhow. I have like 10 Named Layers, but when I go to a different layout none of those are there and my naming convention is pretty generic, but really don't want to re-type it all again on each and every Layout.

    I see value in the a set of layers per Layout, but then it sort of flies in the face of all of the objects just being in a folder, I understand I can create subs just odd. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks


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  • Ok Ashley, I see how you can tweak the interface and add value. So when you are on a Layout, the UI knows what objects are being used on that Layout and therefore will show appropriate Layers in the DD List under Properties, so if I click on an Object in the objects panel that is not in use Layers is not available, why not do the same for the objects?

    What I mean is if a Object is not in use on a Layout, I would say hide it, but then you couldn't add it to the Layout, so grey it out or fade it slightly, some kind of indicator, you already have the code to determine this. Anyhow maybe you already have it on the list.



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