Global Controls and Player Transfer

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  • Hello everybody,

    i have some some questions about my project. How can I install a global control for players movement and how can the player goes to the next room?

    Here is my *.capx file:

    I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot.

    Best regards,


    P.s.: My biggest problem of this project is: When I start the game, i will start on the second layout... how can I fix this?

  • Global Controls - grab the control settings stuff and put in an event sheet called 'Global Controls'. Then on every event sheet in the game you need to right click and add 'Include Event Sheet > Global Controls'. This will allow you to control the character in all levels.

    The only reason you would be starting on the second event sheet is if you have it in front of you when you go to preview. The first sheet is set as the default so this will launch first.

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  • : Hey, thanks a lot! It works really nice ;)

    What can I do with the player comes to the next room and back again. How do I do best?

  • You have it set up nicely at the moment. You could do 'Is Overlapping Door' as well as 'Key Pressed' so the player presses a key to use doors. Up to you though :)

  • : Ok, i have fixed the problem now. The player can goes to the second floor and back to first floor. But when the player goes back to the first floor, then i can't see my "debug console" - it's hidden or what is wrong?

    P.s.: Oh, before I forget, can you could test times whether it is okay for you to control? I've tested with some of my friends and they told me that the doors are a problem.


  • Would have to see an updated .capx but the text box isn't set to Global so it could be that. Not sure I understand what you're asking in the P.S. bit there :)

  • : Ah, thanks... i will be fix that.

    Sorry for my bad english but i used the google translator :[ I mean, when you play the game: Can you control the player as you imagine it or you have any problems with the doors?

  • Looks fine to me.

  • Thanks for your statement ;)

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