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  • Please take a look at my capx

    Why glass effect so heavy? I mean that when i play this capx on my iphone 5 (Cocoon launcher) it gives 30!!! fps game becoming very slow, after destroying a few glass block fps gets normal 60 fps. There ONLY ten blocks.

    My game supose to be with 30-40 bloks or more.

    Without glass effect everything good 60fps.

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  • Instead of putting the effect on each object, try to put the effect on a layer, and place your objects on that layer.

  • What narFsnw said, apply effect on layers if you're gonna have multiple objects with the same effect. Not only it will be probably better performance wise, it will be easier to manage. And Yes, this kind of webGL effects (with transformations, not just altering the color output) are a bit too heavy for mobile devices, when supported. Try to keep their usage as low as possible

  • OlivierC


    sorry i'm not understood how to implement it.

    Please could you show how to do it on my capx? <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Put all your glass objects on a seperate layer. set that layer's effect to glass and remove the glass effect from your objects. Everything on the layer will be rendered in glass effect, so the effect will not be necessary on the separate objects.

  • Yeeees! It's working! Now i learned new thing about construct.

    It looks absolutely the same way and now fps 60. Amazing.

    One more quick question how to apply some color to cubes and how to make not so transparent?

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