How do I give enemys diffrent obstacle paths

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  • Heey,

    Im making a small top down shooter in construct. Now I had the problem that all the enemys took the same path towards the player. Even with solid on they all started to overlap eachother etc.

    Now I came with an idea where I add hidden walls. Every enemy has a random value, Enemy with random value 1 cant walk trough hidden wall 1 etc. This way all enemy's take another path. But I cant get this system to work.

    I managed to give all the enemy's a random number on creation. Now I try to give every enemy a diffrent obstacle map by doing:

    But this doesnt seem to do the trick.

    So my question. How can I create an obstacle map which is diffrent for each enemy based on a number

    Hope to hear from anyone soon!



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  • You cant, there is only one collision map and there are no workaround, its unfortunately just the the way it is designed in C2.

  • skunheal nimos100 is right, I had the same issue once, and there is only one collision map which is used by all pathfinding objects.

    For the overlapping issue though, you should check the RTS template that comes with Construct 2, it shows how to keep units in "formation" while they move. (Open Construct, go to File > New, and look for "Template : Real Time Strategy (RTS)")

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