How can i give different speed based on surface?

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  • Hi,

    Can you please tell me, how i can give different speed while my sprite is jumping on a different kind of surfaces?

    Also, how can i make some surface gain more power to throw the object coming contact to it depends on some special situation?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • You can set simply by using

    sprite=>Is in collision with=>desired surface

    and you can set the speed of it.

    You can use the same for your second ques as well.

  • You could also do something like assign an instance variable to your sprites that are used as tiles (in the case of a sprite sheet being used as separate frames of animation in one sprite). You could then store the speed in that variable and in your on collision just set speed to groundtile.speed that may make it easier to control and track what speed each type of ground tile has. that way each type of ground tile stores it's own value and you don't have to keep a list somewhere of what speeds should be assigned for each type of tile. Just a thought...

  • Thanks for the valuable inputs BluePhaze and ramkumarb.

    I was creating a simple prototype game where a ball will bounce on different objects to go in to the proper place.

    What i noticed, the visuals of 2-3 elements are showing little blur while they are moving, while in default Platform navigation and also when the ball is bouncing heavily.

    BTW, there is no code in there, only default behavior. Is it normal? or something I need to check?

    Thanks again.

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