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  • Okay, I'm new to version control, and have been using Git as my preferred method. Everything worked perfectly when it was just me making commits (I assume because there would never be any conflicting files), but as soon my friend tried making commits the problems started. Conflicting files and Detached-HEADs galore.

    In short, I don't know what I'm doing and I need some help, specific to Construct 2 and in general with Git. I know I need to add files to the .gitignore file, but I'm not sure what ones to add. A specific conflict we are having is with a layout.uistate.xml file; can I add this to the .gitignore, or is it vital for Construct 2?

    Can anyone help me out with this, because it is absolutely vital that we use some form of version control, as Dropbox isn't a suitable alternative.

  • The file layout.uistate.xml holds the "in editor" status of the layout. (for example, layer3 in the layout being invisible, or locked, stuff like that).

    So indeed, between two versions of two users, the file may be different.

    It is not a vital file in the execution of a project though.

    I don't know exactly how version control system work but you probably can configure it so that those kind of files don't get committed or something.

  • You should not add any .uistate.xml files to source control, since they are specific to your UI setup and don't contain any project data. They will definitely conflict a lot if you put them in source control, so make sure you don't!

  • Thanks for replies, I'm going to have a little poke around and see what I can find with this. I'll post a follow-up about it later.



    The last conflict I'm getting is in the main .caproj itself, I take it I'll have to manually sort out conflicts with this?

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  • Ashley - Is it possible to list out the file types which should not be included for versioning?

  • Also make sure you add "capx.backup" to your ignore list. This thing can get to be huge in size (mine is currently 14MB).

  • msv0001 For now I have 3 types added to my .gitignore:




    This has reduced almost all of the conflicts; the last one is the main .caproj file.

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