Github and C2? A best way to do it

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  • Hello, I want to develop a project together with a friend, so we are looking for an effective source control and collaboration system. So far, we have tried Github, but only with a moderate success.

    We have set up Git to ignore uistate files. This works good, since uistate files determine non essential aspects of a C2 project - the visual organization of sheets, layouts, etc. in the editor. Since we only want to work on separate sheets and separate layouts, this works good. Namely, working on different sheets/layouts does changeuistate files. However, since they are ignored, there is no need for the conflict resolution.

    On the other hand, adding a new sheet or layout changes autmatically caproj xml file - a project's master file. Unfortunately, we cannot setup the git to ignore this file, since it is a project essential file. It informs the C2 about existing layouts and sheets in the project.

    So, I would like to ask if anyone has set up a successful, working source control collaborative C2 project, whether it be on Github or on some other platform. If yes, how did you go about it?

  • Not sure if you can setup git to work with it, have you tried hosting the project on dropbox and opening the project from there?

  • Hello, thanks on your answer.

    However, my question does not concern strictly the routine part of uploading a project to the cloud. I was rather asking for the best way to use a source control and collaboration system in regards to C2 projects in general.

    Therefore, I rephrased the topic title to correspond better to my original intent.

  • oh I see what you mean, I don't have git in the computer I'm on right now. I really see no reason for it not to work though. As all the files are just xml files, what is actually happening right now? doesn't it merge the caproj file correctly?

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  • Lunarovich I found that using a distributed VCS like Git (I was using Mercurial), the repository files were getting huge. This was wasn't the game itself, it was still under ~50mb, but it was the repo history. My guess is that because it can't merge binary files that it was storing multiple versions of binary assets causing it to ballon over time as I changed out sounds and graphics.

    Eventually I switched to Dropbox/Drive because my push requests to Bitbucket (which I would recommend over Github for private projects with small teams) were taking forever. If you want a Bitbucket invite I can send you one. You can use your Github account with Bitbucket as well.

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