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  • I've got an idea for something, but I don't know how to do it haha

    So imagine a racing game, where you can email your lap times and ghost car data to a friend from inside the game - or at least be able to download a file which you send to a mate who then uploads it from within the game. Then when they play the game they see their own ghost and also their mates one(s).

    Firstly - ghost cars, I'm thinking of storing the data of the cars position every frame in an array or something? I've never used arrays.

    Second one - Emailing / sending data from within the game, not sure how to go about this. Maybe email / downloading is the wrong way to go about it even. A buddy / user system might be better.

    Anyone have any tips on how to get started coming up with a solution to this?


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  • For ghost cars, I would store the position and angle every 0.3 seconds or so, along with a timestamp, and the game would have a built in reader that would interpolate the values between two saved times to return the angle and position.

    A linear interpolation between them seems sufficient for a first test.

  • Aphrodite thanks, I'll give that a go I am also thinking about maybe storing the input commands for each ghost and replaying that data onto a 'real' car on the track without collision

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