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  • Hey everyone!! I am new to construct so i really don't know much. I was looking at Ashley's tutorial on how to make a ghost shooter game. I got everything just's just that I don't understand how to add the "game over" text like she did. I wanted to add "You Win" or something like that when a person wins the game. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thank you in advance!

  • First you will have to know when a person wins the game.

    Then you create an event checking if those conditions are met and add the action set "You win" to visible, or create object "You win" or any other way you have chosen to make "You win" appear.

  • Thank you for the reply! What condition do I need to set it to for the game to notice that someone won? I tried to say that when the score is = 8 the action would be "You win" will become visible. It didn't work. :/

  • reshup

    include your capx and I'm sure someone will add it in for you..

    make a public folder in your dropbox account.

    drop the capx file in there and then provide the link in your next post.

    The below link shows you how to put a game in your db and make a public folder in your dropbox account , instead of exporting a game, put the capx file in the public folder. that should work

    Click here fro dropboxhelp

  • Thank you for the idea and link.

    The forum won't allow me to post a link but i could just email the link to anyone who wants to help me out. Thank you!!

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  • replace all the / signs with an sign in your link ..

    we we can figure it out from that.


  • On a side note in case it wasn't pointed out already... Ashley is a man. So is Arima... :)

  • Here is the link. Thank you!! :)

    BluePhaze: lol!! thanks. will keep that in mind.

  • Please upload a capx instead of a caproj. just choose save as single file.

    It should be as easy as:

    system compare two values - score => 8 - set "you win" visible

    system trigger once

  • I just tried that! I am kinda confused about what the initial value and the second value should be. Another thing is, the text is always visible on the screen when i run the game. Lol i am really sorry for the trouble...this is my first time.

  • Is the text initial visibility set to no?

    You could put a text-object on your screen to check the value of score to make sure it isn't always higher than 8.

    text - set text: score

    I'm assuming score is a global variable to which is added when a ghost is destroyed.

  • LittleStain

    I didn't know about the initial visibility. I changed it "invisible". This is what i have for the condition:

    System>>compare 2 values (8=8)>>"You win" text set to visible

    lol i still have the same problem. the text is there when the game begins.Thank you!

  • Well 8=8 is always true, isn't it?

    You should compare a variable that changes to the 8.

    So, on ghost destroyed add 1 to variable. if variable is 8 set "you win" visible

  • So it should be:

    System>>compare 2 values... and then what?

    This is where i get confused. I get a dialog box that asks for the "first value, comparison, second value"

    Oh, and i placed the text in another layer.

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