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  • Hey guys & gals,

    I'm new to Construct it seemed like the lesser of many evils that being: GameMaker & GameSalad. However, in the tutorial for Ghost Shooter made me think twice a little as I don't have any programming knowledge, but it also uses some pretty hard to follow formulas in there. I never took Trig so I'm a little lost there. Anyway to do a game like that a bit more simplified?

  • I haven't looked at the Ghost Shooter tutorial myself--would it be possible to simply omit the parts that use the formulas? Either that or perhaps simply altering the tutorial .capx would suit your needs better.

    Regardless, anything new takes some time to become proficient with. I'd suggest diving into some of the other tutorials, looking at this help forum, and simply playing around! Construct is great for that! If you're dead-set on making a game akin to Ghost Shooter, spend a little more time with the tutorial and see if it's possible to cut out the parts you aren't understanding. See what happens!

  • Appreciate it, but definitely not looking forward to diving head first into some complicated formulas right now :) I want to make subtle and easy games keep it simple for myself and then end user.

  • I don't remember there being any trigonometry, or complicated formulae at all in fact, in the Ghost Shooter tutorial - where are you stuck?

  • There was some deep formulas in the Ghost Shooter. I sort of understand it, but I wouldn't have thought of this on my own:

    (Player.X + cos(Player.Angle) * (distance(WindowWidth / 2, WindowHeight / 2, Mouse.AbsoluteX, Mouse.AbsoluteY) * 0.7)

  • Foreign language to me as I'm a rookie :)

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  • Oh, I thought you were talking about the Beginner's Guide Ghost Shooter tutorial. Maybe you should have a look at that - it's much simpler! The demos are provided as advanced examples to show off what Construct 2 can do. It doesn't have to be that complicated.

  • Oh ok, whew, because I don't know anything about those formulas...almost scared me. GameSalad was cool, but it was a lot of people who did those and didn't tell you what they did. I'm trying to do simple platform fun games and 2D shooters.

  • A look at C2's native expressions might be of some help too.

    I think most of your "complex formulas" come from here.

    On the other hand, I've never been a great fan/applier of math either, but it is really something you'd have to cope with in the end depending on the complexity of the games you want to do.

    The more you get into it though, the easier it gets.

  • I'm going to try my best to use the KISS method for my first few, but later on I will challenge myself some.

  • So I've got my version of Ghost Shooter working, the tutorial worked fantastic!   One question, and I've been trying to figure it out... How to I change the player to point in the direction of his travel?

  • To be more specific, sorry - I removed the System- Every Tick - Player - Set Angle towards Mouse.x,mouse.y but the smoothness isn't there. Thanks!

  • Yeah, it's a bit vague. There are two Ghost Shooters: the tutorial version and the advanced version used as a C2 demo.

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