only getting first letter from array? [SOLVED]

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  • Hi i posted this at the end of my last post but figure i should make a separate post for it.

    The problem is i have loaded data from json into an array and it all works fine all the data is there but when i call it out

    eg. if my array is 2 x 1 x 1



    if i call the 1st one in the array


    and set the text of a textbox to that data i only get the first letter of the data i call in this case F and not First as it should be if i call MYARRAY.At(1) i get S not Second?

    i know i have all the info in the array as if i call all the data out of the array using asJSON and send it to the textbox it prints it all out eg. [[First],[Second]]


    input array needed another set of [ ] around each item so

    THIS -> [[First],[Second]] -> BECOMES THIS -> [[[First]],[[Second]]]

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