Getting Construct2 Project into Xcode

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  • Hi Everybody!

    So a friend and i have made this game in construct and we want to get an ipa file out of it. We've been using phonegap, which is awesome, but the 10mb file limit kills us. We've also tried appmobi (not as cool as phonegap) but they have a limit of 25mb and our project is about 36mb and will keep getting bigger.

    We've heard that you can make a game in construct and get it into Xcode, which is what my frind knows how to use to get an ipa, but he doesnt know how to get the exported construct files into xcode.

    I saw somewhere that you just export the game as a phonegap project, but we dont really know what to do after that.

    We have a mac and a creation certificate and everything.

    Can anyone point us in the right direction to a tutorial or something that explains how to get a construct game into xcode?

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  • Try following PhoneGap's guides, but substitute the HTML pages with the unzipped output of Construct 2's PhoneGap exporter. There should be a bunch of HTML, JS, PNG files etc. in the zip which is your "website".

  • what exact phonegap guides are you talking about? the xcode ones we've seen are really just telling us how to open a new xcode project with cordova(phonegap). we're confused about how to get the files from the exported project onto xcode to build them.

  • I need this information too.


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