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  • Not sure if this is a bug, or I just did it wrong. Reluctant to post in the bug forum with all the rules there, and I could just have made a mistake.

    I've been messing around with Geolocation, and the Geolocation Request action will work with a button, but it apparently won't work 'On start of layout' for some reason. Logically, you should be able to start up the program and ping for Geolocation simply. I've even tried Compare Time (3 seconds) to try and get an initial Geolocation result, but no luck.

    Any suggestions or insight would be very helpful.

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  • I DID A LITTLE TRICK for my app with geolocalisation

    at the start of your app when the user click on "PLAY" or "START" you need to activate the geolocalisation at that moment, geolocalisattion doesn't work without click action first time, geolocalisation need an "on click" event to work

  • Ah, so it requires a click to begin. Good to know.

  • yeep without that you can't run the geolocalisaion

    but geolocalisation use a lot of battery, so you have to be carrefull on how yo use it.

  • Yeah, that's why I was trying to use the Geo Request, rather than the Geo Watch. I feel like pinging a Request every 10 seconds is probably better than constantly watching for location changes.

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