Geolocalization in custom map?

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  • Sorry for my "engrish" in advanced.

    I was wondering how can I use the the geolocalization feature in a custom map, for example I want to draw a map of an specific building, and want to use the geolocalization to show people where they are and the place they want to go, updating, if it�s possible, their location every 5 seconds or so inside the building. If this question is kind of "no brainer" for some people here, Im sorry, I�m a new comer in this awesome contruct 2 world.

    Thank you :)

  • Geolocation is used for real world data.

    For displaying a map, check out themini-map tutorials. To display a route from one place to another you'll need to look into Pathfinding.

  • engrish ? :D

    No your question is no "no brainer" but I don?t really understand your question could you describe a bit more:

    -> What do you mean with geolocalization ?

    -> What kind of game do you make ?

    -> What does the Player do in your game ?

    -> How do you want to show people there the player is ?

    Do you made already the newcomer Tutorial ?

    Edit: Do you mean real world geolocalization ?

  • It�s not exactly a game, I�m trying to make an app using construct that shows the location of a person inside an office building, kind of a google map but using the planes of an especific building, detailing where they are and the places the want to go in each floor, I read somewhere that I can use geolocalization to determine altitude as well as latitude...

    Thank you

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  • Google maps not always show show right position. When i try check right position in building geolocation show my position near building on the street! so i think its impossible to show location on buildings rooms

  • It�s not impossible. In fact, you can download similar apps already from de google app store for malls and such, I just tried to make one on my one even with basic funcions. But as you said, I�ve heard that one of the problems of geo localization is accuracy. I�ll be posting here how is the app progressing (if I manage to make it progress anyway, haha). thanks.

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