How do I use geolocalisation + google map?

  • hello for my app i need to use a google map with geolocalisation, can someone help me with that?

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  • can someone help?

  • can someone help??? i also tried the example geolocalisation who come with construct2 but is not working on android

    i get allways the same error message,

    Failed to start geolocalisation service.

    on my "samsung galaxy trends lite" GPS services, wifi etc are all activated.

    my samsung has an "a-gps"

    when i export with cordova inside the intel xdk i activate the gps function also

  • can someone help here with this problem,

    i need to have the app workig for monday, i just want the example who come with construct 2 working on my samsung galaxy trends lite.

    thanks for any help!!!

  • do i need to have a subscription if i want to use the GPS system?

    actually i use my android with a prepaid card (no internet).

    at my home i have wifi and my android use the wifi signal, i have internet on my android.

    i have generated a track.gpx file with my datas.

    <gpx version="1.0" creator="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="[/p] <trk>[/p] <trkseg>[/p] <trkpt lat="50.83992105582801" lon="4.4649553298950195">[/p] </trkpt>[/p] </trkseg>[/p] <trkseg>[/p] <trkpt lat="50.83963311131365" lon="4.465126991271973">[/p] </trkpt>[/p] </trkseg>[/p] <trkseg>[/p] <trkpt lat="50.83937565353742" lon="4.465738534927368">[/p] </trkpt>[/p] </trkseg>[/p] <trkseg>[/p] <trkpt lat="50.83882685722071" lon="4.466274976730347">[/p] </trkpt>[/p] </trkseg>[/p] <trkseg>[/p] <trkpt lat="50.838991158029444" lon="4.467034041881561">[/p] </trkpt>[/p] </trkseg>[/p] <trkseg>[/p] <trkpt lat="50.83900809622426" lon="4.467082321643829">[/p] </trkpt>[/p] </trkseg>[/p] </trk>[/p] </gpx>[/code:pap77ce7][/p] [/p] How to use the gpx inside the app?

  • i need help on this :s

  • OK SOLVED one problem NOW its working, but HOW to tell to the geolocalisation to use a track.gpx??? i need just to use datas from a start position to an end position, i have that in my track.gpx


  • can someone help?

  • still no help on this :s

  • no help at all on this...???

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