How do I generate random numbers+letters

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  • hi all, how i can generate random numbers+letters like this "a12588f5d66ds9f6324dssdf448894314h"


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  • Do you need a preset fixed length of digits sequence?

    or just random digits...?

    26 random numbers could be translated into letters

    For a 26 digit random sequence of numbers only

    make an Array 26 X by 1Y in size


    make a series of events

    something like

    Array for Each X Element--> Array Push Front random(0,25) on X axis

    This would push 26 random numbers into an array

    from here you could get these values and use them how ever you like

    Creating a second random numerical Array with any number of random values from (0,9)

    would give you the raw data you need for Numbers....

    you could also create a algoryhtm that once the random array is created

    then use the Array to take random data samples from the Same Array X Elements determined by the listed or ordered numerals stored in the array

    so for like

    after generating and populating the Array with all of its random numbers stored into each X element

    you could then get the first value at X and then use that to take another number from the element value it represents

    so if X1 happens to be a "6"

    you would then get the Value stored at element 6 and use that as the random multiplyer for anything you like or just take its raw value because its already random from its initial generation

    you could transpose alphabet letters onto the Random Values how ever you like

    once example would be




    and so on

    but you could also reverse it or "shift" the sequence along as many values as you like

    even determined by the first value in the cypher key stored at any position on the Array you like

    This is the basis of cryptographic keys

    shown here in one example of many such possibilities


    only you know which Value is the key and its position can also be stored by another random number assigned to a X value..


    "shifty" hey

    here is a random number and letter generator I made ages ago


    it might help you somehow

    hope that helps

  • thanks

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