How do I generate a layout or choose a random one?

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  • EDIT:

    Turns out there was a "Go to layout by name" option right next to "Go to layout" that solved everything. Oopsie!


    I end up asking some weird questions here. Construct does almost every thing I need but once in a while the coupling of the editor and the code makes it a little difficult to do things that would normally be simplish in programming.

    I am attempting to (or would like) generate a hundred or so layouts using some random properties with some sort of grid like structure (cell 0,1, cell 45,43 etc.

    I could theoretically build each layout by hand, tweaking each one, but I have no way to randomly assign layouts to a "map" of sorts because there are no advanced data structures available (dictionary is 2d, and xml is gross, I would LOVE to be able to store/edit json objects!)

    The reason I'm hung up on generating new layouts (as opposed to configuring objects on layout load) is that I would really like to be able to take advantage of the "persist" flag so that enemies stay dead or alive, it's easier to handle one time events on load, etc.

    If there is a way to do this via GUI or plugin/javascript please help I'm really loving c2 but there are certain roadblocks I can't seem to get past without rethinking big chunks of how my game operates.


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