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  • Hey Construct peeps!

    I've been working on a small game, and I'd like a few "heads ups" when exporting my project! These questions have probably been answered before somewhere on the forums, and the tutorials. But I'd like a few tips about general experience from users when exporting.

    Right now my prototype is running decently when exporting to the web. But when I export to XDK and package it to an apk there is a bit of slowdown, and funkiness. I know a lot of it is probably because there is a lot of bloat in my game from just hammering it out to get things to work for testing purposes. I figure that's contributing a lot to the overall problems I am having. So once I optimize everything, and put together the final product it might run a little better, I'm assuming.

    Anyway a bit about my game. It's an endless runner. I would like to export to Android, iOS, possible Windows 8, and a web version (kongregate, etc.) I'm guessing with just wanting to generally share it around on so many platforms I'd put together my final product as a "barebones" type, and then build the different dependencies that would make each build run the best for that platform.

    But going off of your experiences what should I look out for the most? Is XDK the way to go for Android, since I know there are a couple of different options? Since it is a bit more action-y and briefly makes use of webGL effects what will give me the smoothest build?

    Any, and all, suggestions are greatly appreciated! I'll continue scouring the forums and tutorials too! So please link any articles or posts that might be beneficial!

    Thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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