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  • I am wondering if it is possible to Generate Levels with Platforms, Lava/Water and other things as I am having a hard time finding anything that is really helpful. I know I can try things out with the Tiled Backgrounds, but that only does the ground, and no platforms.. So my question is:

    Is it possible to get Construct 2 to Procedurally generate a level with Platforms as well as the ground? This would make my life so much easier as I could make each level Generate itself and NEVER be the same.. this would give the player a much more challenging game play and would entirely change the whole game to make it more addictive and enjoyable. Also, may I add, I would need to have Score items and that on the map... Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if someone already asked this. I didn't really want to go through 400,000 posts to find the answer...



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  • It's entirely possible. Have you checked out the infinite runner examples that come with Construct 2? If you just want levels to be random every time, you can simply generate things outside the visible area before the player moves there. If you want the levels to look very specific or be able to save them, that's a bit more complicated since you need to work with arrays and advanced programming expressions.

  • No I haven't had a look. My brother found a Construct 2 file that I could try. But having problems with that now lol

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