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  • Hi guys,

    I'm new on Construct development but I really love it.

    I'm practicing and I have a question: where can I find templates for games to use in Construct 2?

    I found some templates preinstalled but I would like to buy some new ones.

    Is there some kind of "templates store" or people who create this templates for money?

    Thank you in advance for the answers

  • I don't think there exist such place, at least not what I know of.

    But I would say that if you have done all the tutorials that comes with C2 you should have a fairly good understanding of how to do things.

    When I started I just did the first one tutorial, to just get a hang of how to navigate the program, and the rest was pretty much trial and a lot of error, and a good community always willing to help, even with very simple questions. Think that's a big help for anyone new, that they don't feel stupid for asking such questions.

    So if I were you, then I would just choose something that I thought could be fun trying to make, something very simple, and then see if there are a tutorial that uses something that might be useful for that, and then just try to make as much of the game as possible, or start a new project when you notice that you screwed something up big time. And then make use of what you just learned, and maybe add something new that you think could be fun. Then you just keep doing that until some point where you have a very good understanding of how to do the different things.

  • No templates that I have found for sale, but there are a couple of sets of templates that come installed. Not only do you get a bunch when you click the new project option, but there are also a bunch if you go to examples from the start page in Construct 2.

    Microsoft Tends has also modified some of them and created some new ones for windows 8 games which you can find in the following places (Some may be a bit old):

  • There is also this one that I have not tried yet, it is a megaman template. It looks like this one is for purchase no idea if it is any good or worth the money:

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  • Thanks guys,

    the information you gave me are very useful.

    I started now to be part of this community and I'm happy and sure that we will have a lot of things to do togheter.

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