How do I make games that stay in the apps markets?

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  • I see that a lot of games are removed all the time, every single day from the different markets, and I always wondered why. I first thought that some games were removed because they used a copyrighted title or registered name of the original game. Some games are removed because of that, but it doesn't end there. Some games use variations of the original title, and still are removed.

    I just found out that some games are removed, because the "idea" of the game is similar to another game idea. Now, that's crazy, because ideas are not protected by copyright. However, the apps markets seem to remove them to protect themselves, as soon as they receive a complaint from the Big Video Game Companies.

    How do you decide what kind of game you will create, and that it will not have any issues in this aspect?

    It looks like, even if the game is 100% made by us, we are partly limited when we post a game to any apps market, and that any big company can claim the idea as similar to their game, and take our game down from the market.

    I see this problem with some games, and I see no problem with other games. It looks like some specific games are constantly monitored by the companies, and other games seem to have no problem.

    Have you noticed this too? And how do you deal with this?

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  • Its easy... come up with an original, ground breaking idea complete with catchy title, original sound track, and never before seen graphical style..

    Ok maybe that is a little far fetched, however, if you make a cool original game that is fun to play and not simply a clone I would be suprised if anyone dropped it.

  • the ones that get removed are usually blatant copies of a game.

    I have 20+ apps. I have only ever had 1 removed, Magic 8 Ball.

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