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  • Hello, I have followed the examples, and tutorials about multiplayer. I have it working correctly, and have searched the forums for this issue but I cant seem to find any new relevant info. So the controls for the keyboard work fine, both players move independently on peer and host, except when I use the gamepad (xbox 360 controller), the host moves fine, but the peer also controls the host with the controller! The peer does not move himself with the gamepad, but the keyboard controls still move the peer on peer and the host on host independently.

    So how can that be? Is the gamepad not working for multiplayer yet? As only the gamepad is not working correctly. Thank you.

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  • I just exported to an exe using Node-Webkit, and I should have tested this first, but it works as intended. Just while previewing, the controller controls the host on peer and host. So if that helps, its just the preview that is not working correctly. Tested in Chrome, Firefox, both bugged.

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