How do I use gamepads?

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  • How can i use 4 gamepads to control 4 distinct players? I want four people to control the characters at the same time in a coop game, but I just can't figure out how to do this :(

    Please someone help me.

    P.S: Sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazilian

  • Hey ericksr,

    When adding an "On button index pressed" condition, one of the values you can specify is the "Gamepad" number. This number is "0" by default, which essentially means the first player. "1" would be the second player, "2" would be the third player, and "3" is the forth.

    So, to create an event that detects only the second player pressing the jump button, you would use the "On button index pressed" condition and enter "1" for the "Gamepad" number.

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  • Hi fisholith,

    I've tried to use this this condition before, but it didn't work. Can you show me a simple example where you use 2 gamepads?


  • Hi,

    as far as I know you have to push a button so C2 recognizes the gamepad and it has to be XBox compatible

    you could check that

    create a few textobjects and in the eventsheet

    gamepad | On gamepad 0 Button A is pressed

    subevent Gamepad | gamepads are supported | obj_textbox0 | set text to "0 is supported

    same for gamepad 1, 2, 3

    There is also a check "has gamepads" and "on gamepad connected"

  • fm4fanAT Hi,

    I know how to check, but the fact it is that even using

    gamepad 0 right shoulder trigger is down | sprite 0 simulate car pressing accelerate

    gamepad 1 right shoulder trigger is down | sprite 1 simulate car pressing accelerate

    Only the first player moves and I don't know why.

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