How do I use gamepad on xbox one game

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  • Hello Guys,

    Sorry about my english

    So i ran into a issue using gamepad inside xbox one in developer mode.

    Here what i done, i created a vertical shooter game, i use touch , keyboard and gamepad controllers for the player, tested in a mobile phone OK, tested in preview mode OK, Then i export to Windows App, after opened in visual studio community 2015 , run in local machine OK, but when i try to run in my xbox the commands for the gamepad do not work, i made a test do make sure it reconize the controlle, using gamepad supports and has gamepads actions , it recognize but not work, anybody has an ideia why?

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  • davi9411

    I don't know if this is the same issue, but do you have more than one controller connected to your Xbox One? I have a C2 game released on Xbox One, and I noticed for all UWP C2 games, when more than one controller is connected, the "player 1" controller needs to receive some input before any of the other controllers work.

    When you launch the game try wiggling the left analog stick on all your connected controllers. Once the "player 1" controller has been activated, all the other controller works (for me).

    Hopefully this problem gets fixed in future updates for Construct.

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